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Klixon MM Series

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Small motors
Solenoid valves

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Klixon® 2MM series battery protector and thermal cut–out
250VAC 7 (2.0) A

Note: The Klixon 2MM has replaced the 8MM.

Features and Overview Performance Characteristics
Declarations to EN60730-2-2 Product Uses
Declarations to EN60730-2-9 Qualifications
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Features and Overview /\ Top

Snap–action Klixon disc: field proven, reliable and repeatable snap–action bimetal actuation
ENEC, BEAB, CSA approvals
120VAC and 230VAC
Low profile shape for close coupling to on– or in–winding applications
Competitive performance to price ratio: maximum quality and reliability at a cost effective price
Maximum protection under locked rotor and overload conditions
Compact size for ease of installation, even in small places
Available in two versions: with epoxy insulation and with additional sleeve
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Motor Control

CODE: 2MM series

Sensata Technologies builds the 2MM motor protector to meet almost any requirement of protection in a wide range of small motors, small transformers, solenoids, and more. This compact motor protector is the best solution to protect the wide variety of motors used in industrial and domestic appliances against locked rotor and overload situations.

This motor protector consists of a metal housing that holds and protects the inner components against infiltration as well as mechanical deformation. The can contains the calibrated Klixon disc carrying a silver contact. The fixed contact is placed on the opposite side, separated from the terminal by an insulator. In single–phase motors, the 2MM can be mounted directly in the main circuit to serve as an on– or in–winding protector.

At this time there is practically no small motor the 2MM cannot protect against overheating and overloading.

Operating Principle - The 2MM series uses the same snap–action principle of other Klixon protectors. The bimetal disc senses both heat and current from the battery pack. A current flows through the resistive Klixon bimetal disc. When the temperature of the disc reaches a predetermined calibration point the disc snaps open the contact, breaking the current path. The contacts close again automatically as the device cools down to a safe running temperature.

Overcharge Protection - The protector senses heat build-up in the battery pack, characteristic of an overcharge condition. The disc snaps open the contacts at the predetermined calibration point. The wide differential between the open and closing temperature of the disc causes the MM to cycle slowly during a prolonged fault condition. This ensures the average temperature of the battery will be kept within safe limits, also adding to the overall life of the pack.

Performance Characteristics /\ Top
Standard Operating Temperature Range
70°C to 160°C in increments of 5K
Tolerance on Open Temperature
Maximum Ambient Temperature
20K minimum
Maximum contact rating
7 (2.0) Amp 250VAC (3000 cycles)
Contact Rating Motor Protector
Depends on application and its test results

Qualifications /\ Top
File number E15962
UL2111 motor protecting device
File number 2014531.06
EN60730-2-9 thermal cut-out
File number 2014531.06
EN60730-2-2 thermal motor protector
File number LR11372
CSA-C22.2 No 0-M91 motor controller

Declarations to EN60730-2-9 /\ Top
Purpose of the control
Thermal cut–out
Incorporated, non–electronic
Degree of protection
Terminals for external conductors
For internal conductors only
Temperature limits of the switchhead
PTI of insulation materials
Internal: PTI 175 | External: PTI 250
Method of mounting
On–winding or by special means in the appliance
Operating time
For continuous operation
Types of action
Type 2C
Reset characteristic
Extent of sensing element
Whole control
Control pollution degree

Declarations to EN60730-2-2 /\ Top
Purpose of the control
Thermal motor protector
PTI of insulation materials
Internal: PTI 175 | External: PTI 250
Method of mounting
On–winding or by special means in the appliance
Type of action
Type 3C
Reset characteristic
Control pollution degree
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